Featured Local Company: Elliott Industries

Dated: July 9 2020

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Featured local company: Elliott Industries, LLC


Elliott Industries is a custom home remodeling company. Located in Lakewood CO, Elliott Industries is a small business. While the company has a wide range of residential home improvement and renovation service, the company is dedicated to providing exceptional results.

Here are the company core services


Custom Home Renovation: The crew is committed to providing quality workmanship alongside their superior customer service. their belief in putting the customer first has built a reputation of reliability and honesty.

Elliott Industries team works with their clients hand in hand throughout the entire home renovation process to ensure that the finished product meets their clients  design specifications and exceeds their expectations.

Here is a link to the work for custom home renovations they produce:https://www.elliottindustries.co/

Home Inspection: adding value to the clients’ home by providing them critical information so     they can make the best-informed decision for themselves and their family.  


3D Home Scans: Elliott Industries makes  the assessment process of projects more efficient and more accurate.The digital  platform allows clients to document loss and estimate repairs - faster, better, and more precisely. 3D Scans can also be used when clients’ properties go on the market.

Here is a link to one of their recent completed projects: https://7190wcalahan.relahq.com/

Additional Services: Remodeling Renovations & Repairs

  • Framing (Metal & Traditional Wood), Plumbing, Electrical, Drywall, Window & Door Replacement, Painting, Hardwood Floor, Laminate flooring, Vinyl Floor, Ceramic Tiles, Marble & Granite, Alterations of Structures, Basements, Powerwashing, Fire & Water Damage, Commercial Steel Buildings, Roofs, Landscaping.

Below are before and after photos taken on a few of their recent renovation projects.

Before KitchenKitchen after

Before Bathbath after

kitchen beforekitchen after

Elliott Industries is serving the Denver Metro Area, Boulder, & Surrounding Mountain Communities.

For more information, please reach out to them: https://www.elliottindustries.co/new-page


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