Featured Retail local Store: La Belle French Bakery

Dated: August 6 2020

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Featured Retail store: La Belle French Bakery


As a true bread and pastry connaisseur, I have visited dozens of bakeries around the United states, where I have lived for the last 30 years. 

When I discovered La Belle French Bakery, I knew I did not need to look for any other one ever again!

La Belle French Bakery is an authentic French Bakery located in Thornton, CO. It is dedicated to helping their guests with a true French experience.

A native to France, Chef Julien has more than ten years of experience in perfecting the traditional French technique of creating pastries.

They only use the highest quality ingredients and artisanal methods to create their products and are still able to provide a cost efficient price to clients.

From croissants to desserts, their guests will have a long lasting impression of their visit to the bakery.

Their variety of products goes from  Croissants, Pains au chocolat, Cruffins, French Cinnamon rolls, quiches,baguettes to individual desserts.

Please make sure to pay a visit to chef Julien and his team, I promise you will not be dissapointed!


(303) 596-6561

Mon-Fri: 8am-4pm: | Sat-Sun: 8am-12:pm

For more information, please reach out to Julien : https://labellefrenchbakery.com/

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